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What is the placenta?

Placenta, in order to raise the baby in the stomach, is the organ that is made ​​at an extraordinary on the inner wall of the uterus. The play an important role, such as sending the oxygen and nutrients to the baby, contains good nutrients of importance rich balance in making body.

Placenta is beauty , health reason, used such as extensively spirit

Recently, the technology advances, the active ingredient of the placenta it is possible to safely extract, also research advances, placenta various effects and functions has been demonstrated scientifically, it is also carried out further studies . In studies to date, the placenta, not only mere nutritional ingredients, it has found that it contains the appropriate control to components division of cells. This, it called a “growth factor” (growth factor) or “cell growth factor” in terminology. This component, originally is what the fetus is required in order to ensure that a tremendous growth in the womb. On the surface of cells required cell division will appear keyhole called receptor (receptor). Placenta growth factor of, access from the keyhole to the cells, be communicated island information necessary for cell division is properly made ​​to the cell. Upon receiving the information, the cells divide, creating a new healthy cells. In addition, we have also studied the results of creating up to the capillaries of the periphery. Moreover, it seems is cancerous cells are also finding that not grown. In other words, placenta for various sites throughout the body, perform the above tasks, as a result, and a from cells damaged by such weak cells or injury to outdated requiring cell division produce new cells it is likely that there is work to help. Coupled with the cells of the refresh, blood flow, information mediators, by the overall effect of improvement such as a hormone balance, you can clean the skin, you can arrange the tone of the body, and can come out motivated, of life activity and then up level is a translation leads to lead to life have been lively. Recommended Placenta supplicant ↑ Rakuten ranking imposing the first place was won! Models and entertainers also master the favorite of beauty Placenta supplicant ♪


Placenta and a mammal such as we humans and animals, refers to the placenta is an organ of extraordinary to make in the body during pregnancy, in English, ” Placenta you write a “.
But, in general it seems to often say to refer to that of the extract or products of placenta. ■ effect of Placenta

Dermis collagen and hyaluronic acid , elastin and promote the production of, and given the firmness and elasticity to the skin, to keep the freshness.
And, wrinkles and sagging , we make the improvements such as pores open.
In addition, to promote the turnover of skin, age spots and dullness without white skin and create a. Healthy body and development, it exerts a highly effective in the treatment and prevention of various diseases, it is used in a variety of symptoms in the hospital. Also recovers the fatigue, and create a healthy fatigue the body. Is effective also in the minds of health, spirit is allowed to stabilize, there is also work to relieve the sick mind of depression and the like.

■ active ingredient

5 major nutrients, of course, enzymes, nucleic acids, mucopolysaccharides, amino acid, and placenta growth factor is the most distinctive component of, I contains a well-balanced rich.
Components necessary to produce a mammal itself, are you chock full. ■ Placenta safety and side effects of the placenta, there are no reports of serious side effects. Since it is not a medicine was made ​​by chemical synthesis, while having a very good effect, extremely safe and supplements can be said to be a ■ Placenta of history history of placenta are old and have been already used in all parts of the world is in BC below. And until now, so many historical celebrities Placenta have been patronized. In modern times also significantly improved quality, including the entertainment industry and Hollywood is a state-of-the-art beauty, also has been a favorite to many celebrities around the world.